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Become a YFU Student Exchange Community Coordinator

Would you like to:

  • Meet new people?
  • Learn about other cultures?
  • Develop friendships with people from other countries?
  • Be more involved in your local community?

Then become involved with YFU Student Exchange and join the thousands of YFU Student Exchange community coordinators around the world who give of their time, and abilities to make our programs a success for our students and their natural and host families.

Perhaps you are an exchange returnee or a parent or host parent of an exchange student and want to help give other students the exciting opportunity for exchange. Perhaps you are someone (parent, teacher, semi-retired person or university student) who believes in the value of exchange for students, and your community in New Zealand.

So if you have a few spare hours per week there are many ways you can become involved in YFU Student Exchange in New Zealand. These include:

  • Meeting and greeting and assisting students with check-in and transfers at airports
  • Helping at inbound and outbound student and host family orientations (once or twice a year)
  • Interviewing student applicants and their families before departure
  • Helping to find potential host families
  • Interviewing host families
  • Checking (phone or visit) one a month on how the student and family are enjoying the experience
  • Providing support (a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on) to students and host families in your local area
  • Assisting at or conducting information sessions and other student recruitment activities in your local community or local schools
  • Helping promote YFU Student Exchange New Zealand programs through media and public relations activities

YFU Student Exchange New Zealand reimburses volunteers for expenses involved in supporting our students and our programs. Community Coordinators are fully covered by YFU Student Exchange’s insurance while involved with YFU Student Exchange activities. Training is provided in all aspects of various roles.

Join us today in promoting and supporting our student exchange programs by completing our Community Coordinator Application Form.

Community Coordinators Application Form

To learn more phone us on 0800 833 624 (free call) during office hours or complete the Community Coordinator Enquiry Form.

“My wife and I had been considering hosting a student for some time.  A friend of mine at work is involved with YFU and has been for some time, and he put up a list of students who were looking for host families and on having a look through the list I became interested.  The time finally arrived and we were at the airport picking up our new family member, from the beginning Vale settled into our family and became a big sister for our own daughter.  We had so much fun and created some wonderful memories for all of us.The hardest part of the whole experience was seeing her off to go back home, she had became a part of our family, a friend to so many, and a big sister to our own daughter. I would recommend to anyone considering hosting or becoming a coordinator to do it, the experience is very rewarding and satisfying.”

Pete – Palmerston North


“I have been working with exchange students and host families for 12 years now and it has enriched my life.  Most of the time I get to know great people, the students as well as the host families.  Of course things do not always go smoothly but sorting whatever needs sorting is a nice challenge.  I think it has made me overall more tolerant and accepting of other people’s way of life in our culture as well as in other cultures.Everybody who is interested should give it a go, it really is  a lot of fun!”

Heidi – Galatea