Service Commitment

Our Service Commitment To You

YFU Student Exchange New Zealand will:

Provide you with timely friendly and professional advice and support at all stages of the application process from the time you enquire until you leave for your exchange.

  • We will, at all times, provide you helpful and timely advice and answers to all your questions on the phone, via email, social media or text messages.
  • We will always be open and honest with you about the challenges of exchange and want you and your parents to be fully informed before you decide to go on exchange.
  • When you apply to go on exchange your application will be handled by one of our program managers who will be responsible for assisting you throughout the application process and who will regularly communicate with you and your parents and our YFU organization overseas by phone or email.
  • We will provide you and your parents with a pre-departure orientation approximately one month before you go on exchange.

Guarantee your country of choice provided you meet the eligibility criteria for exchange to that country.

  • If a place is not available in the country of choice we will advise you and return your application fee. We will not pressure you to accept an alternative but will help and advise if you want to investigate other options.

Support you, your natural parents and host family throughout your exchange.  We will provide:

  • You and your parents with helpful regular support and friendly and timely responses to queries and concerns throughout your exchange.
  • An arrival orientation in the first week you arrive at your destination.
  • Up to date information about any issues or concers that you may be having on your exchange to your natural parents back home through our inter-office intranet.

Ensure staff are open, fair, honest and timely in all their communication and dealings with you, your parents and our host families.

  • In accordance with the YFU Student Exchange New Zealand Code of Conduct policy we will provide open, honest responses and advice to any concern or issue that arises on exchange.
  • We will respond within 24 hours to your queries or concerns in not sooner. If we cannot provide a comprehensive answer in that time we will advise you about the delay.
  • If and when a problem arises we will work with everyone involved to resolve the issue with honesty, calmness, and transparency.
  • We will provide you and your parents with our 24/7 emergency phone numbers both here and in your country of destination before you leave to support you in times of ill health or other emergencies. Help is always a phone call away in any YFU organization anywhere in the world.
  • Our YFU Student Exchange contract terms and conditions, cancellation policy, prices and price guarantee and YFU Student Exchange policies for students on an exchange are either published on our website or provided to you before you apply for the exchange.
  • If you feel we do not meet your expectations in this regard or you have a complaint about our service, you should contact our National Director, Gary Johnston on 0800 833 624 (Free cal).


Respect the privacy and confidentiality of students, parents, host families and coordinators.

  • We will maintain all your personal information in secure environments which ensure they are not publicly available.
  • We will not make available in any way any information we hold about you to anyone outside our organization or our YFU partner organizations.
  • We will ensure our privacy policy accords at all time with relevant government legislation in New Zealand.

If you feel our staff/volunteers have not met one or some of these commitments, please write to us at