Why choose YFU

Our Organisation

YFU Student Exchange has:

  • 60 years experience worldwide in providing more than 250,000 students with the unique experience of living and learning in other cultures in one of 50 countries worldwide
  • A global network of YFU Student Exchange organizations working to internationally agreed-upon quality program standards which are monitored annually
  • A network of highly experienced and trained staff and volunteers to advise and support students and families in every country

YFU Student Exchange can provide you with:

  • A guarantee of country of choice
  • Programs from 2 to 12 months duration
  • A host family carefully screened and background checked according to our worldwide standards
  • A strong network of trained support people to help you with any difficulty you may experience while on exchange
  • An unforgettable experience to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your chosen destination with an educational focus rather than travel or tourist experience
  • Special interest high school programs in other areas such as art, music, fashion, sport, theatre, film, environment, outdoor education, and dance

Our Staff

All our staff has lived or worked overseas, been host families to exchange students or participated in exchange programs and speak a number of languages. They will understand the challenges students, parents and host families face during exchange programs and can provide expert advice and help with any questions or issues you or your parents may have.

Our Community Coordinators

YFU Student Exchange New Zealand has a network of volunteer community coordinators across New Zealand and in our partner countries who organize outbound students and host family interviews, attend orientations and information sessions and support students, host families and natural families. Many of our Community Coordinators have participated in exchange programs as an exchange student, a host family or as a natural parent of an exchange student. They have regular training in supporting and advising families and students. Such experience and training mean YFU Student Exchange New Zealand provides excellent support for natural parents, exchange students, host families and to teachers and schools.