If you go on exchange to Argentina, you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish, watch soccer or learn to dance the Tango.  Learning Spanish before exchange is advantageous, but not required.


Credit: Izabela from Argentina

The Argentinean school system is divided into three levels: Initial level or Kindergarten (3-5 years old); Primaria or Primary level (6-12 years old); Secundaria, High school or Secondary level (13-17 years old). There are public and private school, and you will be attending one or the other, depending on your host family. In high schools, there are from 12 to 15 subjects, all of them compulsory. In the last 3 years of high school, students choose which field they want: humanistic, science, business or technical areas (each one with specific subjects).

Host Family

Izabela Argentina
Credit: Izabela from NZ

You can be placed anywhere in Argentina in a host family that will help you adjust to a new Argentine way of life. Argentines can be best described as affectionate and warm, people are very family oriented. Many families will spend Sundays together with extended families after church.  Often dinner is eaten late at night, with young children in the family going to bed after 11pm.

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