Bulgaria – Specialised

Bulgaria – Outdoor Education and Archaeology Programs

Go on exchange to Bulgaria on our specialised outdoor program.  Experience life as a typical Bulgarian exchange student and live with a volunteer host family for the duration of your exchange but enjoy outdoor activities built into the program.  There is no language requirement for the Outdoor program to Bulgaria, as a 4 week language course, held in Sofia is included in the program fee.

1Some of the activities designed into the Four Seasons Outdoor Program include:

  • A “Sky Camp” including paragliding and para-trooping demonstrations, ropes course, slack lines, discussions and presentations related to paragliding, mountain activities and alternative sports
  • Programs with the Bulgarian scouts in mountains, at lakes or other outdoor locations
  • Skiing in Rila Mountain and ice skating excursions
  • 1 and 2 days winter hiking tours and mountaineering excursions
  • Excursions to “rope attractions”, including challenges such as rope bridges, rope ladders, alpine trolley, climbing walls, rope walks through the trees
  • Excursion to the Rose Valley Festival including time to shop at the Bazaar of Bulgarian Crafts, Bazaar of Pink Products and Essential Oils, International Folk Festival, Ritual Picking of the Roses
  • Mountain hike in Stara Planina-Shipk and in Buzludzha
  • Eco-farm visit, a project for preservation of the rare and unique Bulgarian breeds of animals and Bulgarian traditions
  • Weekend on a farm and horse riding classes


Are you interested in learning about some of the oldest cultures and people in the world?  What about discovering how they lived? There are some amazing archaeological sites in Bulgaria because although it is a little-known country, it is one of oldest countries in Europe.

If you currently study archaeology, have plans to do so or just have an interest in learning about how people lived in the past, this is a great way for you to get hands-on experience in the field with some of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world.

On your program, you will study at a Bulgarian school and will complete the standard academic program that students on the normal academic program take part in. During you time in Bulgaria, you will be placed with a Bulgarian host family so that you can immerse yourself in the Bulgarian culture, history and language of the country.

On your year long Archaeology program, you can also expect to:

  • Visit archaeological sites in Sofia
  • Take archaeological measurements
  • Attend archaeology themed seminars
  • Learn about artifact processing
  • Visit local Sofia museums
  • Visit the New Bulgarian University (where they have a university level archaeology program)
  • Participate in field work
  • Learn about “Experimental Archaeology”
  • Learn how to use archaeological maps, GPS, compasses, positioning of objects and how to read topographical maps.
  • Go to a 2 week long “Archaeological Field School” (during June holidays)*
  • A chance to visit Bulgarias ancient ruins, monastaries and medieval towns (based on your location of placement, at your own cost).
  • And more!

* The Archaeological Field School will involve 2 weeks of working with professional archaeologists in doing field work, presentations and workshops. You will learn about excavations, finds, processing techniques and the basic principles of archaeology.

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