Students wanting to go off the beaten track should consider an exchange to Bulgaria.  Bulgaria is a small, beautiful country in south-eastern Europe.  The coastline has fine, sandy beaches, the people are friendly and you can always find an interesting cultural place to visit.  In Bulgaria there is still a sense of tradition and simplicity for many people, yet modern innovations are also part of the Bulgarian lifestyle.  Imagine this – a farmer takes his produce to market by means of donkey and cart, while a business man drives a fancy car only a few km’s away.   There is no language requirement for an exchange to Bulgaria.  A 4 week intensive language course at the beginning of exchange is included in the program fee.


1Schools in Bulgaria run on 3 streams:  academic schools, language schools and specialised schools.  Students will have a chance to visit a language school but will most likely be enrolled at an academic school.  Refresh your knowledge in the subject of history; the Bulgarians are history freaks!


2Families in Bulgaria are just as different as the families in Australia or New Zealand. Your host family will be very excited to have you as a new family member – and all the other family members want you to have a pleasant and unforgettable stay at their home.  Bulgarian families love to cook, and doing so with fresh foods is a part of their daily lives.  Students will find it very impressive with how the food changes from season to season because of the freshness that the host family requires!

Special Programs

YFU Bulgaria offers specialist programs in the following areas:

4 Seasons, Duke of Edinburgh, Volunteering and Archaeology

Please contact YFU Australia for prices, departure dates and more information.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
Year August 2019 $9,500 NZD February 28, 2019 April 15, 2019