Chile is a long country that runs more than half the length of South America.   Chile has the driest desert in the world at its north, glaciers in its south and volcanoes, islands, lush forests and lakes in its centre.  There is no language requirement to apply for an exchange to Chile, although you should be prepared to learn some Spanish before you arrive.


stella in Chile
Credit: Stella from NZ

Secondary education is divided between scientific schools, vocational schools and artistic schools, all lasting 4 years. The first 2 years are the same for the 3 kinds of schooling, while the third and fourth years are differentiated according to the orientation of the school.  Most exchange students to Chile will attend private scientific schools where students will need to purchase a school uniform (not included in program fee).


Chilean families are very close knit.  Parents with their children often get together with close relatives to share news about day to day matters as well as other important events in their lives.  Most Chilean host families are middle class and will not have the comforts of home that you may be used to, such as clothes dryers, dishwashers or central heating.  Extended families are often around in a host family’s life.

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