Located on the equator, the warmth of the Columbian climate is matched by the warm welcome that Colombian host families give their students.  YFU Colombia places students in secure locations, free from any difficulties from its past.  There is no language requirement to go to Colombia, however students are encouraged to learn Spanish before beginning exchange.


Credit: Alec from Tas

The school year in Columbia runs from February to November.  However many schools in main cities and some other parts of Columbia have decided to “adopt” the school year commonly used in other parts of the world: starting in September and ending in June.  Most of the schools in Colombia are Catholic private schools. There are also some military and public schools, but our students are not usually placed in these schools. In private schools students are generally required to wear a school uniform.  In some schools the day is divided into 2 sessions with school classes from 8am till 12pm with everyone going home for lunch and then  returning to classes at 2pm until 4:30pm. In other schools the day does not involve a long break for lunch.  All subjects provided by a particular school are mandatory and when a student accepts to enrol in that school, they also accept that they have to attend subjects such as religion.


Generally Colombian families have maids who come to help with household chores, sometimes on full time basis (where they live in the family home), or on a part time basis, but most members of the family do help with household chores. Colombian families in general, are very protective of their children. In Colombian families parents dedicate their time to their jobs and expect children to  spend their time studying. During your stay in Colombia, you will enjoy long weekends called ‘puentes’ (there are many during the year).  Most Colombians are Catholic. Generally most  families attend religious services on the weekend, so do not be surprised if your host family asks you to come with them to church.

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