Denmark – Specialised Program

For classical music enthusiasts!

22081YFU-Denmark is happy to offer a unique program for classical music enthusiasts who want to combine the traditional exchange experience with music teaching at a very high level. The exchange students on the music program will stay in a host family during school holidays and 1 or more weekends a month, but most of the time they will live together with their fellow students (2 students per room) at a residential school called Orkester Efterskolen.

Orkester Efterskolen

At Orkester Efterskolen, the teenagers prefer Beethoven to Beyonce and they are offered the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of classical music amongst like-minded peers.

The school offers 3 programs:

• The Orchestra Program where students join a symphony orchestra
• The Vocal Program where students sing both solo, and as part of a chamber choir, combined with drama lessons
• The Piano program where chamber music is practiced.

All students get weekly supervision in playing their chosen instrument and acceptance to the program requires a Skype interview with the school headmaster, wherein the student should play a musical piece.

But there is more to Orkester Efterskolen than music – there is the national curriculum to get through and the school gets great results.  Whenever possible the obligatory subjects are given a musical angle and the students regularly go on trips, for instance to the Royal Theatre or the Symphonic Orchestra in Copenhagen.

To qualify for this program, the students must have a certain level of musical competence. Students should also be willing to learn some Danish.  On initial application for the Danish music program, students will need to submit an essay covering the following:

  • Which instrument(s) they play
  • How long they have studied music for and how often they play or practice
  • The names and composers of the last 4 pieces of music that they learned
  • Description of any theory of music that they already know
  • An explanation of the students future musical goals
  • Any other thing the student considers important about their musical interest.

For pricing on the Specialised Program please contact YFU Australia Office.