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Credit: Cianne from NZ

Every 5 years, one of the world’s great music festivals takes place in Tallinn– The Song Festival involves people from all over Estonia, as well as from other places.  On the music program, you will study at the Tallinn Music High School or at other specialised music high schools in Estonia.  School programs will be organised in 2 cycles, music education and general academics. Music studies include optional subjects like music theory, instruments, solfeggios, performance, and choir or orchestra.  There are also optional music camps in autumn and spring.  Interested applicants must also include a CD showing your music skills, as well as a written description of your previous music studies.


YFU Estonia has created an innovative environmental education program for exchange students interested in environmental issues.  You will attend a local high school in Estonia where you would study traditional academic subjects.  A major focus of your studies will be a number of environmental field trips, including visits to national parks.  You will study issues such as the impact of environmental changes on bird migration, fish farming and salmon breeding, as well as various other conservation projects.  One major trip will be to an oil shale mine, as 97% of all energy in Estonia comes from oil shale.  Shale mining is noted for its negative impact on the environment.


Credit: Cianne from NZ

Several high schools in Estonia have special programs dedicated to media and film where you learn how to make movies in both theoretical and practical ways.  In the film program, you will attend one of these specialised schools. You will learn general academic subjects while also focusing on film and media.  Available subjects include Computer Design, Photography, History of Movie-Making, and practical steps for producing films.  You will also join a local film club as an after-school activity. There will also be opportunities to volunteer at a film festival or to take part in the Matsalu Nature Movies Festival.  Your application must include  a letter to the school in Estonia explaining why you want to study film at their school.


On this program, you will attend the Tallinn Art High School or other special art high schools in Estonia.  You will have a range of fine-arts school subjects to choose from, including Art History, Drawing/Painting, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Calligraphy, and Glass Art, among many other subjects.  You will also study some traditional academic subjects like Maths, English, Science, and foreign language (i.e. Russian, German, or Estonian).  To apply for the art program in Estonia, you must include at least 6 photos of your own works of art (i.e. photos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.) with your application.

For pricing on the Music Programme please contact YFU Australia Office for prices.

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