Hungary – Specialised

Hospitality (Catering)

Credit: Christina from NZ

The Hungarians are hospitable people, always ready to offer guests delicious food, excellent wine and great company.  Your host mother or grandmother will always be asking you “Are you hungry? What would you like to eat?”

In this program, you will spend your year exchange in 1 of Hungary’s hospitality high schools. In school you will take vocational courses in cookery. Students usually spend 2 days per week at school and 3 days learning in a hotel or at a restaurant, where they can develop their skills first-hand. In the restaurants, students will learn along-side local chefs and sommeliers.

Chefs in Hungary are rigorously trained by the apprenticeship method which is why there are Catering themed high schools.  Students attend both theoretical and practical training in Catering and Cooking as part of the course work in school and in a hotel or restaurant.  Students will study at a vocational school on this program, where theoretical training is usually 2 days/week and practical training is 3 days/week.

“The catering program was great because I had a nice exchange year, learnt a new language and realised that this is exactly what I want to work with.  I learnt how to cook Hungarian food, and gained real work experience in the kitchen, where I also met many different people.  It was a very good experience and I recommend it” – Christina from NZ

In order to qualify or the program, students must have studied or had some experience in catering.  Students should submit a letter explaining why they would like to apply for the hospitality program in Hungary with their initial application.


Hungarian music education is world famous thanks to most of all, the Kodaly method and its great recognition.  Music is considered and important part of the Hungarian tradition and culture.

On this program, you will study at one of a number of specialised music schools (a professional music high school) in either Budapest or another Hungarian city. You will study music subjects such as Music Theory, Music History, Conducting, as well as instruments (i.e. piano, organ, stringed-instruments, wind, percussion, etc.) along with traditional academic subjects. There are also some schools that specialise in Folk Music. According to national regulations, instrumental/vocal lessons are given on a 1 to 1 basis while the theoretical classes are taught in groups.  The program is intensive and suited for students who are considering pursuing a career in music.

“The school offered me musical subjects, like Instrumental Tuition, Choir Lessons, Theoretical Music lessons and Music History lessons.  The teachers always made and effort to help me improve.  If you are interested in music and you have the motivation to get better at it, then I suggest you try the Music Program” – Monika from Germany.

There will also be an opportunity to go to Prague, Czech Republic at a small, additional cost.  Students must include a CD showing their music skills, as well as a written description of their previous music studies and a letter explaining why they would like to apply for the music program in Hungary.

Please contact YFU Australia for price for Catering.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
Year January 2019 $10,600 AUD June 30, 2018 September 15, 2018