India has an old and rich culture with many traditions, exotic foods and wonderful sites including the Taj Mahal.  Modern India embraces cricket as its national sport and has a popular film industry called Bollywood.  There is much to learn on an exchange to India about its ancient culture, lifestyle and warm people.  There is no language requirement to go to India, however YFU will provide you with a “Hindi Survivor’s Guide”.


Exchange Student in Local Scenery - Picture 2
Credit: YFU India

In India, you will attend a private school.  Western education has been integrated into the school system in India, making India a great alternative for students wanting to go to an English speaking country with a significant cultural difference.  Although there are around 18 official languages in India, students will mainly speak English and Hindi at schools.  Your exchange to India will involve 9 months of school attendance and 1 month of volunteering in your local community.


Loyalty and unity are very important in Indian families. Many Indian families live with extended family members, being their grandparents, aunts or uncles under the same roof. For many Indians, their family is a central aspect of their lives. Within families or with friends, Indians share everything, including their food.   For Indian families all meals are a time for socialising with other family members or friends. Indian food varies widely according to the region.  You will notice that your Indian host family may eat in a particular way.   Indians traditionally eat with their right hand, as the left is considered unclean and is kept under the table. Many Indians are vegetarian.

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