Likely a well known travel destination for many Australian and New Zealand applicants, Indonesia is a tropical and exotic destination for exchange.  Indonesia’s many islands make up 33 provinces, but most students will be placed around Jakarta, Bandung or Yogya-Karta.  Students on exchange to Indonesia do not need to speak Indonesian, however a desire to learn the language is needed.


Credit: YFU Indonesia

Indonesia, as in many other countries, has 6 years of primary education followed by 3 years of junior high school and 3 years of senior high school. The language of instruction is Bahasa. Some private schools choose to use English as the language of instruction or have an international-based curriculum instead of the national one.  The school year begins in mid July and finishes in mid June with a 2 week school holiday in December and during the Muslim Eid celebration (varies each year) and the school week runs from Monday to Saturday. Classes generally start at 7.00 a.m. and finish at 1.30 p.m. with 2 breaks of 15 to 30 minutes.  On Friday (the Muslim Holy Day),the school day is from 7.00 a.m. to  11.00 a.m.   All Indonesian schools require students to wear a school uniform.


The family is the central aspect of Indonesian society.  Indonesian families are very close-knit but  like some other cultures do not openly show affection in public.  Indonesian parents are very protective of their children.  Teenagers in Indonesia must always seek the permission of their parents for any activity they may want to do outside the home. Parents also expect that their children will seek their advice about school or social issues. Parents in Indonesia, particularly fathers, expect that  their children and teenagers will show them  respect by  always obtaining permission. It is very common in Indonesia for children to live with their parents even after they are married. Teenagers in Indonesia usually socialise in groups going to cafes, movies and shopping malls,  and spending time with friends.  Indonesia is well known for its food which combines many influences in both ingredients and food preparation including from India, China, the middle East and Europe through Portuguese traders and the Dutch.  Many Indonesian meals will have dishes based around  fish, coconut and chillies served with rice.

Short Program (2 Months)

Live with an Indonesian family and attend a local Indonesian high school on our short program over the summer school holidays.  Students on this program will be able to get all the benefits of a regular exchange program whilst not having to miss much (if any) school back in Australia.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
2 months




$7.000 NZD

$10.000 NZD