Ireland is a country of immense natural beauty. Students are drawn to the Emerald Isle by its stunning landscapes, friendly people and its history.  The climate of Ireland is mild and wet, but the weather does not affect the optimism of the country’s people.  There is no language requirement to go on exchange to Ireland.


Credit: Morgan from NZ

Schools in Ireland are largely Catholic.  Students attending school in Ireland should be prepared to attend daily Mass services.  In Ireland, most schools will require exchange students to wear the school uniform.  Students will be able to choose from a range of interesting courses including language studies, Religious Studies, Sciences, Technology subjects, Arts and basic academic subjects. The school day in Ireland usually starts at 9:15 am and finishes around 3:45 pm. Almost all schools will offer extra curricular activities such as sports (including Gaelic Football), social and cultural activities.


Many mothers will work full time outside of the home, so both parents and their children will participate in sharing the household chores.  Busy work schedules may mean that some meals are not eaten together, but families enjoy sharing their news of the day when doing other activities or tasks.  Families are generally conservative in their lifestyles and are protective of their children, and are also protective of their exchange students.  It is important for students to therefore make sure their host families know where they are and if plans change. In Ireland, not all families are connected to the internet in their homes, and students may need to go into town to use the internet café.  Religious activity plays an important role in the life of many host families.  You would not be required to go to church with your family, but you would be encouraged to go occasionally to participate in the normal family lifestyle.

Program Departure Price Discount Deadline Application Deadline
3 months November 2019 $16,750 NZD