The Netherlands (Holland) is known for its tulips, windmills and bicycles.  It has charming towns, cultural activities, canals and lovely architecture.  Dutch is the national language, but there is no language requirement for students to go on exchange to the Netherlands.


22087In the Netherlands, there are a few different types of high schools: VMBO, a 4 year course of study that prepares for secondary vocational training; HAVO, a 5 year course that prepares students for higher vocational training; and VWO, pre-university training that lasts 6 years.  As an exchange student you are most likely to be placed in HAVO or VWO.   The Dutch school system allows you to choose a so-called steam of courses. Each profile consists of a number of subjects that are compulsory and a number of electives. There are 4 profiles being Culture and Society, Economics and Society, Nature and Health and Nature and Technology.


Students on program to the Netherlands can be placed anywhere in the country, though placement in the main cities (like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht) is rare. Your host family could be a family with young children, a single parent family or a family where all children have already moved out. Whatever your host family is composed of, they will help you adjust to the Dutch way of life.  Your daily life will involve a lot of home activities with your host family.  Most Dutch families share the responsibility for household tasks like keeping the house clean, doing the dishes and preparing diner. You will probably be assigned some chores in the house.

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