Thailand 18+

Teaching English & Community Service Projects in Thailand

Have you left school or are you leaving school this year and want a break before beginning more study or your real job?  Are you taking a break in your university studies and feel like doing something different for a few months? YFU may have an answer and an adventure for you! We are offering suitable applicants the opportunity to become teaching assistants in Thailand. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Thai culture and participate in school or community service projects in Thailand based on your interests and/or skills.  It is also an opportunity to explore new parts of the world with the security of knowing the program is supported by an established exchange organisation.

The program involves

  • Being an English teaching assistant in a Thai primary/secondary school and/or working in community projects
  • 45 hours of Thai language instruction
  • Orientation on arrival
  • Accommodation and meals with a host family for the first two weeks in the local community in which you will work
  • Guest house  style accommodation provided by the institution or organization in which you work
  • Monthly allowance of approximately 6000 Baht per month to assist with food and transport costs in Thailand
  • Optional cultural trips in Thailand at additional cost

Who Can Apply?

Interested applicants must be between 18 and 22 years of age have completed secondary school and have well developed communication skills.

Program Fee Includes

  • Comprehensive medical and travel insurance
  • Visa assistance
  • Orientations
  • Language instruction in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

*Airfare not included

Program Departure Price Final Deadline