Thailand has a unique culture, bustling cities and many exotic markets and festivals.  On leaving the city, you will find many beaches, jungles, temples and historical ruins.  The Thai people are extremely friendly and most practice Buddhism.  There is no language requirement to apply for an exchange to Thailand, however students should be prepared to learn the Thai language.


Credit: YFU Thailand

You will go to a Thai school as normal Thai kids do. Wearing a uniform is compulsory. Subjects you can join include English, Thai, Arts, P.E., Thai music, Thai dancing, Thai cooking, Artificial Flower making and so on. You will be considered to be the guest speaker to assist the teacher in your English language class.  Unless you want to, we don’t expect you to study only academic subjects because of the initial language problems.  Most exchange students take cultural subjects such as Dancing, Sword Fighting, Boxing, Music, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Language, History, Religion and Meditation. Thai schools are the centre of life for Thai teenagers and their social life revolves around them. Most of the schools are also the centre of the community and the teachers are considered very important people, respected both in the school and in the community. All students at school are expected to “wai” the teachers when first greeting them for the day, to lower their heads when walking past a teacher and to display high respect for the teacher.


Credit: YFU Thailand

Your Host family wants you to live with them and the want to learn about your country. They want to teach you about Thailand and their way of life and they hope that you will take it to heart. Your host family invites you to be a part of the family, which means you will share in its work and responsibilities and follow family rules.   Parents are usually both employed. They may have their own business located in or near the home. Families expect you to keep your room clean. Your family will tell you what the rules  are and expect you to follow them. Thai houses can be townhouses, wooden, cement, large, small, on a large block of land, in a housing estate – the variety of homes in Thailand is endless and vary throughout the country. Thai children do not have much independence and are used to being told what and how to do things by their parents or older family members. It is not because the family does not trust them – it is because adults do not consider children, through inexperience, are capable of making their own decisions and need parents to take responsibility. Host families show that they care for you by treating you as a child and restricting your independence.

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July 2019

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