Turkey links Europe and Asia and has a distinct culture influenced by both of these areas.  Istanbul has a mix of a European and Oriental feel which is shown in its bustling markets, contemporary arts and its music.  Turkey offers a large variety of landscape, history, architecture and mosques.  There is no language requirement to go on exchange to Turkey.  Students will attend a Turkish language course at the beginning of program (included in program fee).


30Students are placed either to a public or private school but in either stream the Turkish education system is highly academic.  Exchange students will not be placed in the graduating year (year 12) as this year level is quite demanding on students and does not leave them time for extra curricular activities, family time or a social life.  Schools may offer several extra curricular activities through their clubs such as theatre, swimming, dancing, sports etc. Turkish is not an easy language, but YFU Turkey will offer support to students to help them integrate into the classroom and peer environment.


31Traditionally the Turkish family has not only the parents and children, but also grandparents living under 1 roof. In the larger cities, however, the nuclear family with only parents and children living together is becoming more common. This is mainly due to Western influence with its focus on individualism and the different roles the parents have in the nuclear family versus their roles in the extended family. Islam is the most popular religion in Turkey, although there is no official religion for the country.  Turkey is a country for the food lovers.  Many foreigners think that Kebab is the only food in Turkey, however Turkey has much more than its diverse kebab culture and your host family is looking forward to sharing this food culture with you!

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