How Long Can I Go For?

Short Summer Programs

Our Summer programs offer students the opportunity to go on exchange and miss very little, if any, school in New Zealand. You could spend 3-12 weeks in France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Greece, Ecuador, Turkey or Slovakia. Our summer school and culture programs offer you a number of rewarding opportunities or benefits. These include:

Avoid interrupting your schooling – departures can be any time from early November to early December. YFU staff will assist your departure time if your program departure time doesn’t suit you.

  • Spend your summer school holidays overseas – experience a very white Christmas (maybe) and New Year with your host family whose Christmas traditions are different from our Christmas in summer.
  • Improve your language skills – You’ll be surprised how much your language will improve in just 2 or 3 months. Many of our returned students find that they return communicating very well in French, Italian, German, Japanese which helps improve their marks in that language before their final exams or assessments.
  • Gain self confidence and skills in judgement and decision-making – The challenge of living in another culture with another family outside your normal comfort zone will give you a greater confidence in yourself and in your ability to make decisions for yourself.
  • Make new and often lifelong friends – Many returned Kiwi students stay in contact with host brothers, sisters and parents and revisit them in future years.

student exchangeSpecialised High School Programs

Attend a typical high school in your destination country, but focus on a particular interest such as visual arts, music, ballet, drama, dance, fashion, sports administration, environment, basketball, outdoor experiences, hospitality and tourism. These programs are available for 5-12 months in: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Year, Semester and Trimester Programs

We offer school exchange programs (3-12 months) to over 40 countries.