Why Become a Host Family

There are many reasons to become a host family and there are many benefits to be gained from hosting a YFU New Zealand high school exchange student.

Would you like to:

  • Learn about other cultures but do not have the ability to leave home?
  • Encourage your loved ones to learn another language and culture together as a family?
  • Experience an exchange from the perspective of an inbound student before sending your own child on exchange?
  • Develop lifelong ties with another family overseas?
  • Give your children the older brother or sister they have always wanted?
  • See your family members’ personal growth by having them experience different ways of living and thinking through the eyes of a host student?
  • Help your children better understand the increasing global nature of life in the modern world?
  • Give a young person a wonderful opportunity to learn about New Zealand and its people?
  • Understand how people overcome the difficulties of cultural differences when living or working overseas?
  • Help your family members to develop greater tolerance, flexibility and capacity to cope with change – all qualities that are valued in the workplace?
  • Enrich your family life though a special relationship with your international host student?

Then hosting an exchange student is something your family should do and as many YFU Student Exchange host families have said: “It’s the smartest thing we’ve ever done!”.